A New Website

An illustration of Jedd shaking his phone

Hi there, welcome back!

If you noticed jedd.co looks a little different, you’re on to something. Over the past couple months I’ve been tinkering with my theme* and updating the brand elements across the board to make the experience browsing and shopping much more streamlined.

Now, I’m also launching a journal to go along with my brand new newsletter (sign up below!). All this is to get ready for 2021, and I hope a handful of new projects you will all love. Keep an eye out, and see you back here soon.


*For anyone else on Shopify, I recently switched over to a theme called Streamline from Archetype. I've been on Shopify for years and tried all kinds of themes, and Archetype has by far been the best to work with, adapt, and individualize! 


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