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Jedd started designing by middle school, drawing custom logos for all the miniature businesses populating the family train set, imagining up fake airlines, and eventually achieving ultimate glory by winning the River Falls Arbor Day t-shirt design competition. His first paid gig was a logo for RFC-TV 16, a community access channel, which aired the brand for more than a decade.

Out of art school, Jedd created the studio Yield Media to house all his work. Projects varied from client branding and marketing to illustration; but he was better known for graphic artwork including the popular “Corporations Can’t” poster series, highlighting the absurdities of corporate personhood.

Now, after spending a decade working as a UX and Creative leader at an international NGO, Jedd is back with Fellow Earthling. His goal is to produce sustainable and quality products to help everyone wear their hearts on their sleeve.

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Here are some questions with their answers that come up from time to time.

Jedd is a proud Wisconsin Public Schooler! UW-Stevens Point gave me my thinking cap and some mad X-Acto Blade skillz... watch out!

Yes, soon! I’m working to digitize and present a handful of artworks, client designs, and some more portfolio works. Sign up for the newsletter (scroll down) and you’ll be the first to know when it’s up.

I’m in that narrow generation of folks who, when we hear that certain riff start on the radio, we are equally excited if it plays out to either Stevie Nicks or Destiny’s Child.

I’m based in New York State’s Hudson River Valley, in the very illuminating City of Newburgh.

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