All the Places I’ve Lived

Rabbit Hole Project: Street Viewing all the places you’ve lived (for at least a couple months). Here’s mine.


Fremont St, River Falls


Ponderosa, River Falls


East Wren Lane, Prescott Valley


Jersey Lane, River Falls

This one is gone now


Glover Road, River Falls


Cedar Springs Lane, Prescott Valley


Clark Street, River Falls


Meadowbrook Lane, River Falls


Baldwin Hall, Stevens Point


Village Apartments, Stevens Point


Vincent Court, Stevens Point


Waverly Place, New York


ISH, London


Portage Street, Stevens Point


James Avenue, Minneapolis


Ainslie Street, Brooklyn

Also, this one was a garage with an apartment upstairs, and now it's a giant tower


Columbus Ave, New York


Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn


Madison Street, Brooklyn


Cypress Court, Brooklyn (almost Queens)

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  • I remember almost all of them❤️

    Mary on

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