This is going to end well, right?

After running and biking like crazy all spring, I finally went back to my first true love, the Rollerblade. Those of you who remember back in the day, I used to use these as transit across RF and Point, and would show up to class with them (sometimes running so late I'd roll right into the art building without time to take them off first). 

Jedd posing with his bike and a new box of rollerblades buckled to the back rack.

Highland Park and Forest Park are both really nicely paved, so I decided to try another go. 

A photo of rollerblades
Jedd in motion with a helmet and wrist guards

Special thanks to all the kids out there making the 90s Cool Again!


  • Jedd, you make my heart sing! You must be in great shape with jogging, biking and now rollerblading. Hugs.

    Peg on

  • These Rollerblades make my 90’s heart sing :-)

    Anonymous on

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